Bishop Long’s Demonology Course


Hello and thank you for taking this introductory Demonology class.  You will certainly be challenged intellectually and Bishop Long will present information that he believes paranormal investigators and the general public needs to know regarding Demonology. 

Please know that this class does NOT “certify” you as an Exorcist or Demonologist.  And taking this course does not train you to be an Exorcist or to perform ANY Exorcisms.  When you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Paranormal Clergy Institute and endorsed by Bishop Long. 

In order to be a Demonologist, one must:

Have a calling from God to serve in this ministry

Understand that this IS a ministry

Be a life long student of Demonology

Have PRIMARY research in the field

Preferably, have an experienced mentor

There is NO such thing as a “certified Demonologist.”  I will not pretend to sell you that certificate because it simply does NOT exist.

BUT the course is;


Divided into 3 Modules

Module 1 is all about reading materials

Module 2 is the WORK

Module 3 is the final module  

Its at YOUR OWN PACE - no rushing

The information that you will receive in this course is from Primary Research from Bishop Long.  Primary Research is research and data that has been collected from firsthand experience. 

Bishop Long has performed 27 Exorcisms on individuals who were possessed and he will share his experience and what he has learned throughout his seminary training with you as well.  The information that you will receive in this training will not be from someone who has merely read a book and simply re-writes what another person has already written. 

When are you ready to move forward, please go to the “cost” link and then pay for the course.  After you have done that, please email Bishop Long at his FACEBOOK PAGE LINK

Best to you!


Demonology Course

only $49.99 for the ENTIRE course!  Funds goes towards helping my winter homeless ministry.